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It’s A Vibe Thing…

'Good Housekeeping' turns from what makes us go 'mmm' in the kitchen to 'O' in the bedroom.

In a survey, 100 of its readers voted on their favourite sex toy. The Je Joue Mimi (a silicone rubber, pebble shaped vibrator) was voted top and, my personal fave, the Rocks Off Bullet third.

One of the best features of the Je Joue Mimi was said to be that -’ it’s not at all scary!’ I am not sure that any kind of sex toy is scary! Scary is not the kind of look that manufacturers of sex toys really favour, is it? ‘I don’t care what colour it is or how fast it buzzes but it has to scare the shit out of prospective customers’ is not the kind of marketing ploy to get sales. Any way I digress.

The survey included singletons and couples. Ranging across looks, materials and performance, the survey hints that traditional penis shaped vibes may have had their day. Gone is the cock shaped vibrator and in come pebbles, bullets, rabbits and leaves. Leaves! Sorry not quite getting the eco vibe thing. Maybe Eve was ahead of her time with her fig leaf ;)

Any way, if there is one thing that is guaranteed to get you in the mood, whether you are single, in a couple or a triple it’s always best to get your head (mind that is) in the right place before you start. And there is no better way to do that than to read some good old Erotica from yours truly.

Erotic Confessions by Carla Croft it’s a vibe thing ;)

Love Carla

Not seeing
Your skin is pale,
Until that nipple

—Carla Croft - Haiku

Lay Back And Think of …Denmark?

Hi Guys

Fancy seeing hot blonde couples at it? Well here is your chance.

The Danish Government has stepped into a crisis. There are not enough children being born to support their increasing elderly population. Their answer? Ovulation Discounts on holidays to encourage couples to get away and “get it on”.

The campaign blurb promotes as follows, “Book you holiday with our ovulation discount. Get it on. And prove you conceived a child to win a three year supply of baby stuff and a child friendly holiday.”

I am seriously thinking of moving to Denmark on the off chance that they may make “getting it on” compulsory.

One wonders what will satisfy The Ministry of Bonking as proof. Perhaps Danish couples will be seen in compromising positions in front of famous landmarks abroad. So, if you see a hot blonde couple “getting it on” in front of the Eiffel Tower, or Nelson’s column whilst taking a selfie, you will know what it is going on.

The best part of the Do it For Denmark campaign is the video. The girl is seriously hot and is worth the watch alone.

I am going to offer my Erotic Confessions for translation into Danish. If they can’t afford to get away to get it on, perhaps a stay at home break and some of my Erotic Confessions will see them through.

Erotic Confessions by Carla Croft

Do it for Denmark! Yay! :)

Love Carla

Fake it to Make it…

A survey shows that some women are faking orgasms for their own pleasure. Come again?

The survey does confirm the old fakin’ favourites.

Top of the poll was “altruistic deceit” ie making your man think he is right on your button so as not to hurt his feelings. NOT HURT HIS FEELINGS? Sod that, if I’m not feeling it he’s defo going to feel something until he zeros in on my sweet spot.

In second place was “sexual adjournment” or the well know ploy of faking it to get the useless sod off you so you can go to the bathroom and flip yourself of to get some much needed self satisfaction.

Then comes the rub, or ‘elevated arousal’. Apparently some women fake it for their own pleasure. Now I don’t think the survey means the up side of altruistic deceit and sexual adjournment which gets us the time to do it ourselves. It actually means that some women have told the researchers that they fake it to achieve pleasure. Call me old fashioned but faking it to get pleasure, not sure how that works. Maybe I am too forward on the subject.

"Look guy this ain’t working for me, try something else or get off," is a far better line than "Oh God darling you are wonderfiul" when he’s not in the zone. But I accept that not all women are equal when it comes to wanting to be equal.

Maybe there is something in it. Maybe you can fake it until you make it. After all the mind is the biggest sexual organ we have (sorry guys). If you think sexy thoughts it is much easier to get in the mood and convince yourself your man is bang on after all. That may well get you to where you need to be.

Alternatively you could get yourself in the mood before hand by reading some red hot erotica by yours truly :)

Erotica by Carla Croft. Heaven sent, hotter than Hell.

Love Carla

Porn Flakes… The most important meal of the day. And if you don’t want to read the packet while you munch enjoy some hot erotica by Carla Croft. Carla Erotica, no one does it hotterer

Porn Flakes… The most important meal of the day. And if you don’t want to read the packet while you munch enjoy some hot erotica by Carla Croft. Carla Erotica, no one does it hotterer

(Source: eroticblog)

Writing better Erotica means asking better questions of yourself and your characters

—Carla Croft